Material: Mixed Media
Size: 120x80 cms


Canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and hence can be easily hung.

Objects are temporary but love is eternal. Romance is one of the few ways human beings show how much they care and value their other halves. The painting shows love is a strong emotion and is above our understanding, so we should cherish it whenever we receive it. My inspiration for this painting was Radha and Krishna. Their love is truly eternal and divine. Krishna is so peaceful, calm, and dazed in his beloved Radha’s company that he is just playing his flute with his eyes closed. The background depicts the resonance of acceptance of their subline love by the entire cosmos. It’s rightly said that Krishna is incomplete without his soulmate Radha besides him. Devotees chant  Radha or take Krishna's name as RadheKrishna which means Radha's Krishna. Generally, Radha and Krishna's names are taken together in one breath as if they are not different but one entity.

Eternal Love