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Pari Sagar...

 Indian artist Pari Sagar, who currently resides in the UAE, never had plans to become a painter when she was a child. But life had some other plans for her. She started her healing journey with colors in 2000. Even though she began painting to express and heal herself, her irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression soon molded her into a powerful artist who could inspire and transform others as well. Some of her gorgeous healing works are Series of Horses, Radha-Krishna, and Angels in love are sold.


Artist Dubai
Acrylic artist Dubai
Emotional painting

Faith, Hope, and Love

Through the years, Pari’s paintings also evolved. From simple figures, she now focuses on healing abstractive works. The new series of her paintings are reflections of inner selves through which she strives to show her true personality to the world. Each of her work has an impeccable playful touch, reminding us that each of us does have a child dwelling within us. She designs each of the textures, lines, and forms to convey this particular message – “we are inseparable from nature and love is the sole truth.”

Her process of layering and texturing gives her artwork a unique effect without affecting the surreal and divine touch. One can easily experience a soulful connection with her paintings that soothe their body, mind, and soul in no time. Her paintings are also perfect aids for meditation and establishing a positive ambiance.

Along with these healing paintings, Pari also believes in helping humanity to heal and empower themselves for a better today and tomorrow. And, she does this through powerful energy healing techniques – Light of Transformation, Theta Healing, and Numerology. To know more about her healing sessions, please visit http://heal2empower.com/.

 You can find her work at many art galleries in Dubai & Mumbai.

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