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Commission Artworks done for my Clients

How an Artist can Provide Customized Paintings While Retaining Her Signature Style

It can be hard to make customized paintings without losing one's own style. One of the keys is to set careful limits on what can be customized, and keep control of the rest of the creative process. This not only stops an artist from becoming a "painting vending machine," but ensures that the paintings created are recognizably hers – and therefore, properly valued both by the immediate buyer and the market as a whole.
Artist Pari Sagar living in  Dubai does this by allowing customers to choose which colors are the most prominent in her semi-abstract works. This lets buyers get paintings that work well with the rest of their decor, include their favorite color tones, and be the right size for the room. The rest, however, is up to the artist.
By blending some customization options with original creation, the oil, acrylic, mixed media, digital  artist in Dubai ensures that each artwork is properly unique while best meeting the tastes of the client. Those who enjoy her style will want the rest of the painting to be the way she does it, so that part is no problem.
This is how a good artist approaches customized paintings. One who is willing to customize every aspect, such as subject matter, overall artistic style, and such is an entirely different type of artist and is usually employed by corporations to create advertising. Therefore, if you want works that are clearly artistic and unique, it's best to go for the artist who retains control over stylistic choices and even subject matter. Then, you'll know that the painting is truly unique and made for you in a personal way.

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