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Emirati Vision

Persistance 7 horses

Persistance Seven horses 60*90 cms Acrylic with gold leaf


Hayaa (Life) Written in Arabic 90*90 cms Acrylic

Pride of UAE

Medium: Oil Size: 120*100cms

Chase you

Size:80*120 cms Theme: Grace of Horses Medium: Charcoal Acrylic

No looking back

Medium: Oil Size: 70x100 cms

Unicorns on the go (Sold).jpg

Medium: Oil Size: 80x120cms (Sold)

Horses in Sun

Size:80*100 cms Theme: Grace of Horses Medium: Mixed Media


Medium: Oil Size: 125x100cms


Size: 30*30 cms 6 pieces Theme: Grace of Horses Medium: Acrylic

City of life (Auction)

Chocal Art Medium: Acrylic Size: 40x80 cms Sold Theme: Dubai City (Sold)

Melting sunset

Size: 50x100 cms Theme: Dubai City Medium: Acrylic (sold)


Medium: Acrylic Size: 30x80cms Theme: Dubai City

Tender touch

Medium: Charcoal Size: 50x60cms


water colour (Sold)

Mystic arches

Medium: Mixed Media Size: 60x90cms


Medium: Mixed Media Size: 50x50cms

jewel on sand

Medium: Acrylic Size: 50x50 cms

Most of my life living in U.A.E I am influenced by the beauty of the landscape of the Skyline Dubai quick rise of the skyline in Dubai is like a row rectangles trying to reach to the sky sometimes it looks like a melting sunset or shades of different chocolates.

The Arabian Horses, renowned for their beauty, loyalty, strength, and intelligence been a part of Arab tradition in the UAE. Remarkable for its soulful eyes, wide, flat forehead, broad muzzle, erect ears, slender neck and flowing shining mane. It fascinates me to paint them. As an Arabian rider waves the UAE flag, Poseidon seven horses in one, or felt like a tender touch that was not enough for me. I wanted the horse to have a destination or saying No looking back. These are my series of paintings of horses do enjoy watching them as enjoyed every bit of painting them. 


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