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Mural Painter Dubai

Choosing an Mural Painter in Dubai

Pari Sagar’s artistic talents go beyond the boundaries of a sheet of paper or canvas. She enjoys taking her skills to a larger scale. Creating murals, whether it is for the interior of a house, the exterior of a book store or a restaurant is challenging and requires vision. She has transformed small imageries to large artworks and has the technical understanding of how different types of paints react to different surfaces. Pari Sagar has the experience, skills and has directed teams on different projects to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind murals.

Pari Sagar understands the needs of her clients and knows what it takes to bring their imagination to life. It can range from a picture they admire from the internet to something which is new, modern and abstract.

Calligraphy is an art form which takes time to master on a piece of paper. Pari Sagar’s years of experience has allowed her to not only do that but to also paint beautiful calligraphy on a blank wall while adding her own flair.

Some of Pari Sagar’s work includes creating a mural for the Magrudy’s book store on Jumeirah Road in Dubai. It was an Eco-friendly project, approved by the Dubai Municipality for Expo 2020. She worked with her team for 3 days to complete this project.

One of her most challenging and successful residential projects was to create a mural to bring a soothing ambience to the house. Pari aimed to create an elegant mural of palm leaves with calming colours as per her client’s request. She completed this mural in 8-10 days.

Pari has also taken up some fun projects for children as well. She has helped design a Lion King themed bathroom for kids at The Dubai Mall and painted Disney themed Murals for kids bedrooms.

If you wish to have a beautiful and creative artwork designed for your home or for your business, Pari Sagar is the perfect artist to help visualize your imagination.

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