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The Circle of Life Art Exhibition

Pari Sagar's 2nd Solo Art Exhibition

“Circle of Life - The End of One Journey is the Beginning of Next”


Opening Ceremony with Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid, Visual Art Manager at Dubai Culture and special guests, Mr. Faisal Abdul, Mr Ahmed Rukni and Nada Al Barazi

Art Exhibition Showcases One of UAE’s Top Artists Pari Sagar unveiled her latest collection of inspirational and abstract art at the Dubai International Art Centre on 11th of December, 2021. The event was curated by Diyali Sen Bhalla, Chairperson for DIAC and Hosted by Shruti Bhansali, Founder of eWings Media. The inauguration of the exhibition took place with a ribbon-cutting ceremony by Mr. Khalil Abdul Wahid, Visual Art Manager at Dubai Culture and special guests Mr. Faisal Abdul, Mr Ahmed Rukni and Nada Al Barazi.

Based on the themes of Circle of Life from the perspective of nature and spiritual living, each art piece aims to give the viewer a sense of calmness, happiness and bring a flow of natural positive energy in their minds.


A painting may not be a doctor, but the right one can bring a sense of calmness to a troubled soul just the same. It is with this in mind that Pari Sagar, an artist in Dubai, draws her scenes. After finding that the right paintings made her feel better, she made it a goal to share this benefit with the world.
It would be incorrect to use the simple term "emotional painting" for these works, for that term is too broad. They won't make you excited like a scene of fireworks, nor are they meant to draw tears. Instead, the effect is one of peace and connectivity to nature.

Many of Pari's latest series Untold stories, Enlighten, Determination, Persistence, Hopes and Dreams, Window to the Soul feature people and nature together, but not in a strictly-delineated way. The people's features are sparse, making it easy for viewers to envision themselves in the places shown. Meanwhile, the places themselves are abstract, and the feeling of nature is typically evoked through the use of greens, yellows, and other leafy colours. Despite this abstract presentation, there is no doubt that "people in nature" is the most accurate descriptor of many of the works in the new series. Her colour  palette  in each painting connects to the other paintings. 

Untold Stories.JPG
Untold Stories 1.JPG

Untold Stories Part 1

Untold Stories Part 2

Pari Sagar has become a major part of the UAE’s art community over the past 20 years. This is her 2nd solo art exhibition. Witness the mesmerising and glowing Circle of Life art exhibit at the Dubai International Art Centre, from 11th until 24th December 2021. 

Special Mention to Shiba Khan and Farah Khan, from Funun Arts who have supported Pari Sagar in showcasing her art Exhibition.

You can purchase these enchanting paintings by clicking the button below or directly contacting Pari at parisagar@gmail.com.

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