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Spiritual Art

Ethic, Morals, Virtues, Powers, are all Spiritual gifts comes from God. I tried to paint those Divine feel to my canvas. Ganesha series sometimes Baby or some Calligraphy into it can’t get enough.

 Krishna Series being Divine Lover, Romance, Power, Grace.

 Buddha series being in Meditation, Peace, Trance, Happiness, Bliss

Angels are the most fun part of my paintings as they are never at ease I see them everywhere when I am working with the kids or walking by they have their own message to send.


Eternal Love

Size: 90*60 cms Price: AED 4,900 Description: Love always mesmerized in the hearts of lovers when you add the flavor of romance. The essence of love stays endless. There is infinite love, hopes and dreams in this art. Colours like green, turquoises and gold are beauties of nature of Vrindavan Garden where peacock performs their dance where Krishna and Radha celebrated their love. You to just let you know what is Vrindavan- Vrindavan is the land of Krishna where you will fin

Eternal Love

Size : 80*120 cms Medium : Oil on canvas Description : Nothing last forever. Its only eternal love stays which brings love closer to romance.

Romance In The Air

Size: 90*90 cms Medium : Oil Description: Love always mesmerised in the heart when you add the flavour of romance the essence of love stays till the end.

radhe krishna

Size : 50* 60 cms Medium: Oil with Stones

Romance in the air 1

Size 60*60 cms Framed Medium: Mixed Media

Romance in the air 3

Size 60*60 cms Framed Medium: Mixed Media

Romance in the air 2

Size 60*60 cms Framed Medium: Mixed Media

Abstract Radha Krishna (Sold)

Size : 60*70 cms Medium : Acrylic Painting (Sold)

Rangela Calligraphy


Krishna Mystic calligraphy

Size: 100* 70 cms Medium: Oil (Sold)

Om Ganpati Namah

Size : 70*50 cms Medium : Mixed Media Description: Surrender to you whose face is lit like a billion rays of sunlight which illuminates through you.


Size: 60*60 cms Description: Vakratunda Calligraphy (NFS)

Calligraphy Ganesha

Title: Caligraphy Ganesha Size: 70*100 Medium: Oil Sold

Baby Ganesha

Size 40* 30 cms Medium Acrylic (sold)

Ganesh Sloka

Size : 70 *100 cms Medium: Oil (SOLD)

Calligraphy Om Ganesha

Size : 100*70 cms Medium : Oil (SOLD)

Om Ganeshay  Namah

Commission Work

callighaphy Buddha

Size : 70 *100 cms, Medium : Oil


Size : 70*100 cms Medium : Oil


Size : 80*120 cms Medium: Oil Commission Work

Buddha in Bliss

Size : 20*30 cms Medium: Oil (NFS)

Buddha in black


Om (sold)
Buddha in Bronze (sold)

Size : 50 *50 cms Medium : Acrylic (Sold)

Human Angel (Sold)

Size : 50*70cms Medium : Oil


Acrylic, 50*70cms

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