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Intuitive Art 

Water Lilies

150*100 cms Acrylic Painting When is fresh like water your dreams are awakened.

Hopes and Dreams 1

120*80 cms Mixed Media Hopes and dreams are the series of culture of thought process where rides are always excited.

Petals of Soul

Size: 70*100 cms When you do things from your soul. You feel river moving in you,a joy.Rumi

Window of my Soul

Title: Window of my Soul. Size: 100*100 cms Mixed Media. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fans your flames. Rumi

Petal Of Life

100cms*100cms Acrylic Painting Sold

Hope is the Ray

Size : 60* 90 cms Medium: Acrylic and Knife work When there is hope there is will When there is a will there is way.

Sweet Dreams

Size: 40*50 Cms Medium: Mixed Media Love the tint of lemon mixing which gives sunshine in it. Reflects my dreams to bloom and flourish.

Twin Souls

20*50 cms Mixed Media Framed I find the twin trees have one soul with different journeys.


50*60 Cms Framed Mixed Media When you are connected so much with your social network. You are somewhere connected to roots.

Hopes and Dreams

70*100 cms Mixed Media Hopes and dreams are the continues series. After a dream you are cultivating a process of structure of your process of living.

Wings in the Ring

50*50 cms Mixed Media

Ocean Love

50*100 cms Mixed Media


60*90 cms Mixed Media


Title: Unity Size: 60*90 Medium: Mixed Media

Tree of prosperity

30*90 2 Pieces Mixed Media Sold

Soul Mates

60*90 cms (2 pieces) Mixed Media Sold


60*90 cms Mixed Media


100*100 cms Mixed Media

Perception (Sold)
Meditative tree

60*90 cms Mixed Media Sold

Tree of Abundance


Tree of Prosperity(Sold)
Tree of abundance (1)
Hopes and dreams 3
Mystic Birds
Purple flowers

90*90 cms Oil

Global Warming (sold)

100*120, Oil

Abstract peacock  (sold)

80*100 cms

Abstract Peacock

Circle, Oil

Red Flowers

Water Colours Sold

Purple flowers

Water Colours

This art pieces are done intuitively. No rules, no boundaries it's the form of meditation. Let my thought process roll in. I allowed the nature forms to take place. I start with the heart of the nature  spouting to the roots. Let the root center be the center of love, allowing it to nourish with colours forms and let it move. It started to  form in masculine trees. Some formed in feminine trees. As they took shapes and let them bloom their bodies to nurture. Allowing the branches to embrace its moves with leaves, flowers, patterns in wide way. It turned out to bloom and flourish. the thoughts behind the art takes incharge and create intuitive to the canvas.

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