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Healing Paintings

Healing Paintings Bring Calmness and Restoration

A painting may not be a doctor, but the right one can bring a sense of calmness to a troubled soul just the same. It is with this in mind that Pari Sagar, an artist in Dubai, draws her scenes. After finding that the right paintings made her feel better, she made it a goal to share this benefit with the world.
It would be incorrect to use the simple term "emotional painting" for these works, for that term is too broad. They won't make you excited like a scene of fireworks, nor are they meant to draw tears. Instead, the effect is one of peace and connectivity to nature.
Many of Ms. Sagar's latest series feature people and nature together, but not in a strictly-delineated way. The people's features are sparse, making it easy for viewers to envision themselves in the places shown. Meanwhile, the places themselves are abstract, and the feeling of nature is typically evoked through the use of greens, yellows, and other leafy colors. Despite this abstract presentation, there is no doubt that "people in nature" is the most accurate descriptor of many of the works in the new series.
Ms. Sagar herself says that one of the messages of her paintings is that people are inseparable from nature. This is a feeling that many lose, especially if they live in cities, and a reminder of the underlying connectivity restores a sense of balance and peace. Each artwork is an emotional painting, but it also inspires some thought as well as a desire to reconnect to the natural world.
Another aspect that makes these qualify as healing paintings is a feeling of love. While it is not overstated, the clear lack of hostilities will quickly bring that sense, as well as the idea that one can finally relax.

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