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How I Found My Artistic Truth

The subject is deeper than the topic. It's not "what it's about," it's what it's really about.”

Steven Pressfield,

From childhood, I was always inclined towards art. I use to paint and present to my teachers and friends. I paint something nice and giveaways. My father used to tell me that I needed to make a career out of my hobby, but I took it lightly. I took art seriously after a decade. I realized that the artists' journey is challenging, I did not want to overwhelm myself. So I allowed myself to move forward one step at a time and treat myself with gratitude.

From simple sketches to painting, they have their unique impact on my mind. I didn’t know where it would lead me. I know some reach their destination in one year or two but for me, it took 20 years.

The last 20 years were not a smooth ride as an artist, it had its ups and downs. I was not only living as an artist. I was first a wife, mother, tutor and finally an artist. I had taken up art as a hobby initially. It was a long process to become a professional.

I have been through all stages of life. Good days, bad days, ugly days and great days. I started to appreciate all the little things I have. I learned to surround myself with people that would help me evaluate my art and elevate my artistic skills.

Believe me, to create good art one needs to be healthy, happy and content. Putting positivity into practice takes courage and power. It should come from a good source of habits and it takes effort to maintain that ritual.

Organizing and managing an art career is a must. And finding the right platform to show your art and monetizing them is something to develop in the process. That leads to another level of difficulty. Finding the right gallery to display your art, finding new opportunities, finding the right art residencies, upcoming exhibitions and creating the atmosphere for the art to show its light.

I had many fears but I learnt to let go of not having enough.

I stopped comparing myself to others as every artist has their process. I started to trust my process.

  • I am showing up to my work to feel like I have plenty to work on.

  • I learned there is nothing perfect in life and that is okay.

  • I learned also that growth happens from within and not from outside influences.

Now, I want to celebrate the times I turned my roadblock into success by overcoming my self-doubt and letting my negativity go. Now I am free to create and express myself through art and become a better version of myself as an artist.

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