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Size: 90*60 cms

Price: AED 5,900

Description:  Love is always mesmerized the hearts of lovers when you add the flavour of romance. The essence of love stays endless. There is infinite love, hopes and dreams in this art. Colours like green, turquoise and gold are beauties of nature of Vrindavan Garden where peacock performs their dance where Krishna and Radha celebrated their love. You to just let you know what is Vrindavan- Vrindavan is the land of Krishna where you will find the Basil plants all around. People of Vrindavan still believe Lord Krishna and Radha do visit and perform Rasleela every single night.  The eternal love stories are still fresh in everyone’s heart in Gokul, Madhura and Vrindavan and their love spread in India and around the world. Artist has their own way of creating art pieces that can be used for meditating and establishing a positive ambience. Her paintings try to convey. Love is the sole truth and we are inseparable from nature.

Eternal Love

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