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Size: 90cm x 90cm

Material: Mixed Media

Canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and hence can be easily hung.

Shipping is free in the U.A.E!


Gaia is the Greek god of the earth. She is a nurturer. Her existence depends on how we nurture her, love her, honor her. She herself opens up to reveal her secrets that's her natural attitude towards our love. Gaea infused her life essence into all living beings on Earth. She protected Earth from the influence of Set, supporting the development of humanity over dinosaurs and leading the Celestials to destroy a group of Serpent Men. Mother nature is an unrelenting, unforgiving force, so it is probably best if we treat her well, and maybe, just maybe we can make up for the damage that has already been dealt with. Society needs to help itself in order to survive. This painting is a reminder to act towards protecting our Mother Earth and contribute towards protecting her by each and every one of us before it is too late. 


$2,050.00 Regular Price
$1,025.00Sale Price
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