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Size :100*120 cms

Medium: Acrylic


In this captivating painting, the artist delves into the mesmerizing world of acrylic pour techniques to depict the beauty of a waterfall. With each carefully orchestrated pour, the canvas comes alive with a symphony of coral green, purple, and blue hues, blending seamlessly to recreate the serene depths of cascading water. The artist's deft hand guides the colors as they twist and turn, mimicking the natural ebb and flow of a rushing stream. As the painting takes shape, metallic accents are introduced, infusing the scene with an ethereal shimmer that adds to its enchanting allure. Through their exploration of color and movement, the artist invites viewers to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature's splendor, capturing a moment of serene beauty that transports them to a world of wonder and imagination.




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