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Size: 100cm x 100cm

Material: Mixed Media


"Window to the Soul" is a powerful artwork that reflects deep thoughts and feelings about spirituality. Imagine a big painting filled with colors like red, yellow, and orange, resembling flickering flames. These colors represent the strong emotions and the intense self-reflection that the artist experienced while creating it.

During a period of fasting, the artist prayed and meditated, feeling a strong connection with something greater than themselves. They used the artwork as a way to express this connection, almost like a window to their innermost thoughts and feelings. Each brushstroke and layer of paint holds the essence of this special connection.

The flames in the painting symbolize the passion we all have inside us for growth and understanding. By surrendering to this inner passion, we can open up our souls to new insights and wisdom, letting light shine into the deepest parts of ourselves.

 It's an invitation to explore your own thoughts and feelings. It shows how faith, prayer, and taking time to reflect can lead to personal growth and understanding. It's a reminder that we all have a spark inside us waiting to ignite.

Window to the Soul

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