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Step into a realm where colors breathe life into emotions and canvas becomes a narrative. Welcome to Pari Sagar's world of enchanting artistry.

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Unleashing the Power of Colors

In this realm, colors are not just pigments on canvas; they are conduits of healing, empowerment, and emotion. Pari Sagar, the visionary artist behind this extraordinary collection, transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, infusing each piece with passion, energy, and a profound narrative.

About the Artist

Pari, the visionary artist behind these captivating works, showcases the transformative power of colors. Her paintings serve as exquisite examples of how art can be a source of healing and empowerment. With an unwavering passion and boundless energy, Pari breathes life into her creations, ensuring that each piece resonates with a unique story.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Pari's artistry, where every color and form is a testament to the profound connection between creativity and emotional well-being. Each masterpiece is a treasure trove, concealing stories within its folds that, once unveiled, offer an enchanting journey into pure bliss and love.

Discover the art that speaks to your soul, as Pari invites you to explore a world where colors are not just visual expressions but gateways to healing and joy.


Circle of Life

The End of One Journey is the Beginning of Next

A Solo Art Show by Pari Sagar

11th Dec 2021 to 7th Jan 2022

We had a wonderful opening on the 11th of December 2021 at Dubai International Art Center. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr Khalil Abdulwahid - Visual Art Manager at Dubai Cultural and Art Authority.



Art Courses

Interested in trying your hand at art? Pari Sagar conducts art courses for groups and individuals in Dubai. All skill level are welcome. You will learn how to draw, sketch, shade and handle different mediums; watercolours, acrylics and oil.

Customized Paintings

Looking for a piece that resonates your personality? Pari Sagar can create custom art that will make your interior dreams into a reality! We can prepare the artwork in your preferred colour scheme in a size that will look great on your walls.


UAE, as a cultural hub, loves to portray its diversity through art. Pari Sagar has worked with several hoteliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to showcase themed artwork during the festival seasons. Get in touch to collaborate!

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Past Event

New York Art Expo

Find Pari Sagar's art at the New York exhibition.


Date: 7th to 10th April 2022

Location: Art Expo, Pier 36, 299 South Street, New York 

Stand: Art Mudra, Stand # 219, 223 and 330

Untold Stories Part 1 - 3.jpg

Past Event

Expo 2020
India Pavillion

Find Pari Sagar's art at the India Pavillion at Expo 2020 - Dubai, UAE.


Date: 26 February - 10 March 2022 

vibe of Marine drive
Untold Stories 1
Nature's blessings
Golden UAE
Hopes and dreams
Jai Shri Krishna
Window of my Soul
Romance in the air 3
Romance in the air 2
Romance in the air 4
lotus lillies

New Series

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