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5 Things I Wish I knew as a Beginner Artist

Welcome to My World!

I have been working as a freelance artist for around a decade now. When I look

back I say to myself I had a bumpy ride. Being a self-taught artist has its own ups

and down. I am an Indian artist and I am currently residing in the UAE, never had

plans to become a painter when I was a child. I began painting to express and heal

myself, I believe irresistible urge towards creative freedom and self-expression

soon molded me be an artist. I would love to inspire and others as well.

Here are some of the points which I realized and encourage others to follow:

1. Draw Every Day – Letting your first friend pencil and then paint brush

to be your best friend and draw something that you enjoy every day may

be just a sketch. Drawing ideas and illustrate your thoughts and even

if you don’t feel like drawing at the moment. I believe it’s just a

momentary effect not my reality. Make it a point to re-introduce and

re-enforce yourself with new drawing tools and be friend again.

2. Learn the technique – Art technique to improve your work spend time

in learning new technique and mastering them is the key to the

knowledge and success. Without learning and mastering them is a

waste of time and sometimes even hardening and frustrating at times.

Paying attention to the details of the drawing, outline shading,

contouring make a huge difference to my artwork.

3. Inspiration is your inside job – Not everyone’s business (ha-ha) you

may find it silly but honestly what I or you get inspired by is a

personal process to reflect and make a choice of your subject to draw

and paint. Instead of creativity to strive more you practice more you

and build your creative drawings. More you practice your skills more

intuitive your skills become and giving time to mold your inspiration

is a process of lot of time and affords. Dedication and consistency

towards your inspiration takes lot of time that is the point of

persistence to reach your imagination to visual treat. Very important

be consistent most successful artist who are skillful and successful are

those who keep on drawing and keep on painting and be dedicated to

their artistic journey.

4. Balancing ego – Creating art may create ego at times. Believe me

staying humble and down to earth is the key to keep your ego balance.

I practice yoga to balance my mind, body and spirit. It helped me to

be curious of my new learning and kept me grounded. Staying hungry

and be open for new opportunities. And start anyways there is no right

or wrong way taking the first step is important may be its s website or

podcast or showing my artwork in exhibition.

5. DE attachment – Releasing attachment to the artwork. While

creating art piece I use to get attach emotionally. Over a period of

time I realized …. Art what I create is an expression who I am. Have a

healthy relationship with my art from amateur to professionalism. Not

letting thoughts to damage me. Not taking my worst painting too

seriously. Failures and Success are no longer the end of world. I

learned to broaden my perspective. Let it go of the attachment of the

artwork and let it flow in me a new way of creating new art piece.

In my experience I realized learning new things helped me to expand

my horizon and see what are new possibilities!

But I learned in a hard way but truly saying Being an artist is a

creative journey with most joyful and playful activity.

Which I love to play each day and every day!

So I say to myself let’s play again!

Let me know if you like any of the paintings you wish to have in your living room!

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