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My Inspiration

Being a self-taught artist, born and brought up in Mumbai, India. During my childhood, my father and paternal grandfather were a constant source of motivation and encouraged me to pursue an interest in art and maths. I started creating art for my personal learning and it made me happy and I enjoyed my creative process of learning. I use to invest my time in learning different techniques of oil, acrylic, mixed media and finding ways to express my thoughts efficiently on my canvases as if I am writing a story with paints, tones and texture. Colours gave me the energy to spread and splash on canvas and have peace of mind.

My source of inspiration is nature. Nature has its own playful dance which reflects vibrant emotions such as love, romance, peace and tranquillity with a touch of spirituality. The textures, lines, and forms are designed to convey the message of being in touch with nature and believing in love. Each piece of my art has its history, a story that has been created by reflecting my emotions through colours, rhythm, and space. Each painting tells the story of my intuitive thoughts which connects with my audience they may be art lover or art buyers or any layman with its simplicity.

I believe art is a valuable treasure that an artist manifests with lots of thought process, time, energy and hard work. If an artist doesn’t value their own treasure no one will. I didn’t come from an artistic family. My father was a goldsmith. While I was painting I had no idea what was my driving force. My journey from an amateur painter to a professional artist was amazing. I learnt to express my abstract mind’s ideas into artworks. I have spent years trying to figure out the value of my work. Participating in art markets to presenting my work in art galleries and exhibitions showing my portfolio made me reflect and value my creativity. To create art and art career is a long process that continues to evolve. The process of my journey, learning to create and monetizing art, showing the same artwork on the international platform is a form of art in itself.

I love to do art that comes easily, spontaneous and enriching heart and mind which resonates globally is my intuitive art series. I pick up ideas from my subconscious mind which feels surreal. I believe helping anyone to imagine, is an art form by itself. It is all about healing and its connection with nature.

Yes, I have participated in various exhibitions and showcased my art on various platforms. I have sold many art pieces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, and the United States. Every exhibition helps me to meet and expose my art to a different set of viewers, art buyers, art lovers who enhance and enrich me as an artist. Their appreciation and encouragement have played an important part in my growth.

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