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Miracle Happens

Life is all about celebration. We are living emotional beings on this planet. In fact every day we can celebrate. I understand that life is not a straight line. It has its curves and bends. The moment we think everything is okay and the worst is over. Life throws another ball.

But trust me if you believe in faith……………… Miracle happens!

I had many incidents in my life where I have witnessed more tests and trials in my life and my surroundings. But I only understood never to lose hope. The important thing you can do to yourself starts journaling. Ask questions to your own self. What, When, Where, How and Why do you want. I believe when you’re why factor is strong and you want that to happen. Whether it is regarding losing weight or studying hard or achieving your goals. You can achieve anything and everything.

If this doesn’t help align you to your goals. Do look for a mentor to help you think right. Thinking right and feeling positive about your decision will align with your goals.

When I reflect back and ask questions to myself. I had more complains than anyone else. In fact, I was more of a complaint box than a solution. But the solution came when I stopped complaining. Being a traditional artist and jumping to the digital artist was a challenge for me. In 2020 when I wanted to illustrate my numerology book. I had hand-drawn illustrations but I wanted my work to be appealing on digital platforms. Thanks to my daughter who gifted me an iPad on my birthday. I redesigned all my hand drawing illustrations digitally. That’s how I got hooked up with digital art.

The biggest lesson I learned and understood is to enjoy my skill and have fun! I told myself Hey Pari! Don’t be so serious about the things which didn’t work according to your way. Just work on mastering your skills and sharpen them. Things will fall into their place when you are ready. Just a few days ago I was called by Delhi Private School Sharjah for Confluence 2021- 22 for International Digital Art Competition to give them a workshop and be their judge this competition. Again I started wondering how I will give workshops to these intelligent teenagers who have already enrolled themselves on this competition. But trust me I prepared myself to share my knowledge with these bunch of smarties. To my surprise, all the contestants were from different schools and grouped themselves online and did amazing teamwork. After 2020 Life has turned us so much digitally. We spend most of our time virtually. Thanks to new technology!!!

Some people believe that if there is money I will learn that skill. But nowadays everything is available online may be it's YouTube or any other website. Unlearn the old ways and learning new ways can be challenging but trust me if you have fun you are willing to earn more. With money, life can be better by buying luxury but not intelligence. Be creative with how you learn and enjoy the process!

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