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Trees! Chariot of our Life

I am the type of person who can’t sit patiently for a single moment. I need to always keep moving and live an active lifestyle. As an artist, I spend more time with myself than with others. I needed some extra energy to have a spirited social life. So adding life to life was my first goal. I did that by practising yoga and meditation and it was an absolutely delightful and life-changing experience.

I remember when I just started learning the art of meditation. I was so hard on myself! But I was told on authority that every meditation technique works when you enter it from a happy place.

Art has been always therapeutic to me. It has healed me. My best subject has been trees -the chariot of life.

The tree of life is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.

For many years my paintings have varied from figurative art to modern art, but painting trees has been intuitive so I call my series of trees “intuitive art”. I would like to share my learning through trees. I felt uplifted subconsciously. Just like meditation, the tree and I became one. I meditate upon the life which gave me bliss, silence, happiness, making me true to myself no matter what. If I accept myself, I can accept others with peace, joy, and grace to nourish and nurture.

Practising yoga for several years has given me a sense of gratitude towards nature and it comes from the root center. In yoga – the root center is called the Muladhara Center which is connected to Mother Earth. No matter the quality of your soil, if you look for nourishment from nature you will flourish. What I understood about upbringing your strength of roots comes from your parents and your friends. They are an integral part of life, who know you in and out transparently. Accepting each other’s background without expectation or judging them brings change to flourish.

There is another art piece about twinning.

It is about partnering your true nature with another soul who has the same interest as yours. Maybe they don’t need to be built on the same ground. But sharing your true authentic self with another person will make your journey interesting. This is what I have shown in my painting- Twin Souls. They may have different mindsets but they still like each other’s company.

In today’s world, we are so much dependent on networking, saying “Your vibes attract your tribe.” Before I use to struggle a lot to fit in any group. I am not an anti-social person but I like to be selective with I am connecting with my heart. Connections which will radiate positive thoughts to keep my surrounding healthy. I realized that things that don’t resonate with me are not in my tribe. I don’t change my personality to fit in. Just being my true authentic self helps me to be in my deepest form and in a profound way allows me to have a socially acceptable nature. Loving and respecting who you are, is accepting that you do not need validation from other people. I also realized it's ok to be crazy, it’s ok to let your emotions come out weirdly, just as you do when you are with your family. It becomes an extension of your nature.

I make mixed media art. Using different materials and bring together into art brings surprise element to me. My passion for painting trees has been my own discovery process; which taught me the values of life to be happy, whole, accepting and embracing true self without getting into other people’s drama. I hope people will connect themselves to my art, the way I found mine.

I am a creative solopreneur making my mark as an artist, author, numerologist and traveller.

Yes, it has healed me.

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